How to communicate securely with Quartz

We love hearing from readers. You can always reach us at or, but sometimes more secure forms of communication are necessary — for instance, if you’re trying to send us a sensitive news tip. This page describes some methods we suggest in those cases.

Send a letter

A simple way to reach us is through regular, old-fashioned mail. US postal mail without a return address is one of the most secure ways to communicate, since a warrant is required for someone other than the intended recipient to open it. Be sure to mail your package or letter from an unfamiliar sidewalk box instead of going to a post office.

Our mailing address is:

G/O Media
1290 Avenue of the Americas, 6th Floor
New York, New York 10104

Use Signal

Signal is a messaging app for iPhones and Android that uses end-to-end encryption, so your communications can't be read en route to us. While secure, Signal messages aren't anonymous; we'll see the phone number you registered with Signal if you send us a message. Our Signal phone number is +1 929 202 2992.

Send an encrypted email

Many of our reporters accept emails using Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) encryption. While all emails leave traces identifying who sent the message and to whom it was sent, PGP is a good way to prevent others from seeing the main contents of your communications. You can find PGP keys for our reporters by clicking on their bylines.

Another option is to create a free ProtonMail account. Messages between ProtonMail accounts are end-to-end encrypted. Our ProtonMail account address is:

Validity of this page

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